D + B Group

Sometimes, the websites I develop are simple. D+B Group is a design and build group based out of Portland, and they did not quite like the website they had made by another developer, so they came my way. I worked with them to create a website they liked and made it extremely user-friendly for them to modify themselves after we launched the site. We placed an emphasis on the flow of the site, taking the viewer from who D+B is to the advantages of working with them to their services to their projects and ending at their contact form, all while being sure to provide the viewer with an easy click button to get to the contact form at any point.

Technologies: Content Management System, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Responsive Design, Wordpress
D + B Group Responsive Image


Many people view websites on multiple types of devices. Responsive design ensures an optimal viewing experience on all devices, regardless of size. Whether on a smartphone or on a desktop, the website is safe to view without lagging, panning, zooming, and scrolling. Like all websites that I develop, the D + B Group website does not fail to incorporate responsiveness, in efforts to guarantee that no viewer leaves because they had a poor experience trying to navigate the website.

Interactive List

D + B Group needed a simple way to walk their website viewers through their process. To solve their problem, I designed and developed this simple and editable interactive list that numbers each of their steps.

Interactive List

Required Form

D + B Group wanted to open up some of their resources for potential clients, but they also wanted to be able to reach out to those interested in what they have to offer. On their resources page, I created a required form for viewers to fill out prior to downloading a resource.

Required Form
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