Ecliptic Brewing

Ecliptic is a new brewery in North Portland’s Boise neighborhood. Their website features their full menu, all their beer options, a live Instagram gallery, and a list of upcoming events. The back-end is extremely user-friendly. Not only can Ecliptic customize the IBU, ABV, and gravity of their beers, but they can even set to color of the pint glass. The lists of menu items and events are just as easy to update as well.

Technologies: Content Management System, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, MySQL, PHP, Responsive Design, Wordpress
Ecliptic Brewing Responsive Image


Many people view websites on multiple types of devices. Responsive design ensures an optimal viewing experience on all devices, regardless of size. Whether on a smartphone or on a desktop, the website is safe to view without lagging, panning, zooming, and scrolling. Like all websites that I develop, the Ecliptic Brewing website does not fail to incorporate responsiveness, in efforts to guarantee that no viewer leaves because they had a poor experience trying to navigate the website.

Page Transitions

One of the coolest features on the Ecliptic website is the page transition. With the feeling of space in mind, when going to another page, your current page zooms away to the left and the new page float in from the right.

Page Transitions
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